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New Technology in Press Die Design Seminar
 Date: 15th November 2017 (Wed)  10:00-16:00
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CADmeister V11.0 (English) Released
CADmeister V10.0 Seminar in Hanoi 2015
 Date: 22nd Dec 2015(Thu.)  13:30-17:00
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CADmeister V10.0 & Dr. Koutei PRO Joint Seminar 2015
 Date: 26th Nov 2015(Thu.)  13:00-17:00
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CADmeister V10.0 (English) Released
CADmeister V9.0 (English) Released
Notification of OS change to which supports CADmeister
regarding to the end of WindowsXP support

We thank you for your patronage of our product.

Microsoft Co., Ltd. will terminate the product support to
WindowsXP (Japan time) April 9, 2014.
Please note due to this, we can not support
if WindowsXP-specific malfunction occurred when you use CADmeister.
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
CADmeister V8.0 (English) Released
When CADmeister is shipped, we execute virus check with the anti-virus
software (F-Secure/Virus-buster/McAfee).
The latest pattern file of anti-virus software is used at inspection time.
However, sometimes it is detected as virus by the condition of the pattern file.
In that case, please contact technical call center.

The computer on which CADmeister is to be installed, it is recommended to
install the anti-virus software.
Web Page New Release
New Top page is released.
Latest information will be informed in this page.
CADmeister V5.1 (English) Released

Product concept

The Design stimulates form and then the form surpassed the imagination.

Modern-day artisanal masters create new forms that transcend common sense and limitations.
We believe that supporting their uncompromising persistence is a mission of CAD/CAM systems of the future.
We will continue to challenge ourselves to develop further innovative technologies as the optimal partner for prominent contemporary artisans, tenaciously devoted to manufacturing, through CADmeister which enables them to conceptualize images that could otherwise never be discovered through an evolutionary approach.


  • Leading customers have been participating in research and development of CADmeister since the early ages of Japan's CAD/CAM era. CADmeister was developed and has been enhanced based on the state-of-the-art technologies and experiences which have been accumulated with the customers.
  • Development plans for CADmeister are made on the basis of requests from customers.
  • Customers can entrust us to customize CADmeister module capabilities to meet their specific requirements in the field.


Global support service

Currently, CADmeister provides overseas support service in 11 countries.

Global support service organization detail

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