April 1, 2014
UEL corporation
Yasushi Imamura, President

Personal Information Protection

Handling of personal information

  1. Basic privacy policy
    Formulated: October 22, 2004
    Amended: June 24, 2005
    Amended: April 1, 2009
    Amended: April 1, 2014

    UEL corporation
    Yasushi Imamura, President

    Nihon Unisys, Ltd., believes it has an important social responsibility to properly handle and protect its customers' personal information. The company has formulated its basic policy on protecting personal information with the participation of officials and employees from throughout the Nihon Unisys Group, and has a program of corporate activities designed to ensure compliance.

    1. The company will observe laws, regulations and other applicable standards and guidelines concerning the handling of personal information. It will properly manage personal information and designate personnel to be responsible for protecting it.
    2. The company will collect personal information within the scope of what is necessary to conduct its business, and in an appropriate manner. We will let you know in advance how your information will be used, collect only the information you consent to provide, and explain how you can contact us.
    3. The company will use personal information from you within the scope of your consent. The company will not, in principle, disclose or give personal information you have provided to any third party without your consent, except as it is required to do so by order or the like under law. When we disclose or convey personal information with your consent, we will manage the use and storage at the party to whom the information is conveyed, so that personal information from you will not be leaked or otherwise provided to any another party.
    4. The company will take reasonable safety precautions to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage or the like to or of personal information in the company's possession.
    5. If the company entrusts any of its activities involving the handling of personal information to parties outside the company, it will conclude appropriate contracts with those parties obliging them to take reasonable steps to protect the information, or otherwise guide and advise them to the same effect.
    6. The company will construct a management system to protect personal information and will continually review and improve the system.
    7. When you wish to inspect, correct or delete your personal information in our files, we will take the necessary actions as soon as reasonably possible if you contact us in the manner specified.
  2. Collecting Personal Information
    The company does not, in principle, collect personal information from you without your consent. If you do not wish to provide personal information to the company, you are always free to decline to do so by, for example, simply not entering it where requested. Customers under the age of 16 require the permission of their parent or guardian when providing personal information to the company.
  3. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
    When the company asks for personal information, we let you know in advance how it will be used. If we subsequently desire to use personal information you have given us for purposes other than what we told you originally, we will notify you and ask for your consent. You can then consider the new purpose, and can refuse to consent to the further, additional use.
    Below are the purposes for which the company will use the personal information in its possession:
    1. Personal information of customers
      • Proposals, sales and provisions of products, services and support
      • Notifications regarding products, services and events (seminars, exhibitions etc.)
      • Shipping of "Club Unisys" and other publications
      • Customer contacts, business discussions, arrangements, contract fulfillment etc.
      • Response to customer inquiries and requests
      • Surveys
    2. Personal information of business partners
      • Business partner contacts, business discussions, arrangements, contract fulfillment etc.
      • Response to business partner inquiries and requests
    3. Personal information of persons desiring employment
      • Provision of information, contact and notifications to applicants
      • Screening and hiring procedures

    Below are the major businesses for which the company will use the personal information in its possession:

    Provision of consulting services, IT solutions, outsourcing services, support services and systems-related services; sales etc. of computer systems (hardware, software)
  4. Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties
    The company will not, in principle, disclose or provide personal information you have provided to any third party without your consent. If the company discloses or provides your personal information, we will require that that party take appropriate steps to protect the information.

    Notwithstanding, the following cases are excluded:
    1. Pursuant to applicable laws and ordinances.
    2. When necessary for the protection of life, limb or property and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
    3. When necessary for the improvement of public health or the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
    4. When requested by central or local government institutions or their assignees to provide cooperation for activities pursuant to relevant laws and ordinances and obtaining the consent of the customer could potentially impede said activities
    The company will notify the customer in advance pursuant to applicable laws and ordinances in the event that the personal information of the customer is shared with companies etc. a within the corporate group.
  5. Personal information disclosure, notification of purpose of use, amendment, suspension of use, complaint reception etc.
    Please contact the company at the address listed below regarding personal information disclosure, notification of purpose of use, amendment, requests for suspension of use, filing of complaints and similar issues. We will confirm your identity, investigate relevant facts and respond within a reasonable scope.
  6. Inquiries about personal information, reception of complaints
    Committee on Protecting Personal Information
    Nihon Unisys Excelutions, Ltd.
    33-8, Wakamatsuthou, Shinjuku-ku
    Tokyo, Japan 162-0056

    Please contact us.

Protecting Your Privacy and Personal Information on Our Website

Customers will normally be able to access our web site without revealing any personal information. However, some content and services require that you provide personal information in order to be used.
  1. Records of IP Addresses, Etc.
    In order to analyze patterns of traffic on our website, as well as to be able to solve problems that may arise, the company maintains records of the IP addresses and domains of those who access the site. Individual users cannot be identified from such information.

  2. Cookies and web beacons (clear GIFs)
    On some pages of our website we use a technology known as "cookies." A cookie is a tiny data file sent automatically from our site and placed on your computer's hard disk, allowing us to make your visit easier and more useful for you.
    For example, a cookie can tell our site that you have visited it previously, so that you will not be asked to reenter information you have already provided. Individual users cannot be identified from cookies.
    You can, moreover, control your acceptance, or not, of cookies through the preferences menu of your browser.
    Web beacons have the same function as cookies in providing a means of measuring how many times you have accessed a particular page. However, you may refuse to accept web beacons by refusing to accept cookies containing your personal information.

  3. Links to other web sites
    The company is in no way related to or involved with the content of non-company web sites to which this web site links. The company also bears absolutely no responsibility with regards to said web sites.

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