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Frequently Asked Questions


Who develops CADmeister?

UEL Corporation in Japan exclusively develops, sells and supports CADmeister.
UEL Corporation values feedback from Japan'Ss diverse manufacturing shops and, in return, offers solutions and services beneficial to the production industries.

 System prerequisites

Is an Internet connection mandatory to have a CADmeister license?

We recommend customers to open an Internet connection when entering a license agreement. However, if an Internet connection is not available, please contact to our sales representative. An optional licensing scheme using USB memory is also available.


What type of data does CADmeister support for data exchange?

CADmeister has DXF, IGES, JAMA, STL, VRML, and CADCEUS input/output capabilities as a built in standard program of the Base function module.
Also, as an option, CADmeister supports input/output of the following formats:
CATIA V5, CATIA V4, ParaSolid (UniGraphics, SolidWorks, etc.), I-DEAS, Pro/E, and STEP.

What machining types does CADmeister support?

The following types are available as 3D machining.
Contour machining, Semi-finishing machining, Scan machining, Contour parallel machining, Automatic boundary machining, Automatic corner machining, etc.
The following types are available as 2D machining.
Offset machining, Scan machining, Contour machining, Hole machining, and more.

Does CADmeister's CAM module have post processing settings capabilities?

CADmeister enables easy NC post processing settings while verifying NC data images on a display screen.


Is a maintenance agreement necessary?

The usage rights of the technical call center and the web page dedicated for the customers, and the rights of version upgrade are included in the CADmeister license fee, therefore, no additional maintenance agreement is necessary.

Is a version upgrade service provided?

Execution of the automated registration of maintenance information upon license settings makes it possible for the users to upgrade to a new version until the license expires.

 Trial and demonstration

Is a free trial version available?

Please make a request via the Trial CD-ROM Request form. We will immediately send a free trial CD-ROM.

We would like to see a demonstration.

Please send a contact to our sales representative via the Inquiry form. We will immediately get in touch with you for an arrangement.


What should we do when our license expires?

If a fixed rate type license expires, please purchase a new license.
Setting the new license makes CADmeister fully available again.
In the case of a pay-as-you-go license, the license is available indefinitely as long as payments are uninterrupted.

Is usage of CADmeister limited to one PC in which the product is installed?

No. There is no limitation of this kind.
Installation of CADmeister can be made to multiple PCs.
CADmeister software on the PC to which a license is moved becomes available.
It is not limited to a specific PC.
To move a license key from a PC to another PC, please use the "License Locker" capability or "Battery Deposit Service" provided by Paltiosoft inc.

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