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STL-EDIT (Tool for editing STL figures)

STL-EDIT is a tool that enables the use of STL figures that have been imported into a CAD system through 3D co-ordinate measuring instruments. It is a necessary tool for editing STL figures


Key Features


The command enables a decrease in the number of elements in order to simplify the operation, without compromising the characteristics of STL figure's shape. There are two methods for decreasing the number of elements: one by reduction rate and the other by target number of reduction.


Noise Reduction

The command corrects a Face that has failed connection or a deformed Face that has a protrusion (referred to as 'spike') due to the impacts of noise during a measurement
* Deletion of Mesh Shells that Have Failed Connection
* Correction of the Protruded Vertex of Face


The command is capable of smoothing STL figures without impacting largely the shape of a portion rounded by executing a command for filleting.


Position Alignment

The three commands below relocate a target STL figure to a position where it overlaps an aimed element (STL figure or surface).
* Adjustment through the use of three points
* Automatic adjustment
* Manual adjustment

Filling in Holes

The 2 commands below fill up specified or all holes of STL figures.
* Filling in holes through simple operations
* Filling in holes through deformation analysis


The command trims or divides a STL figure through the use of curves and infinite planes, elements of CAD system.



The command extends an STL figure by extending the external perimeter by a specified length.
* Extension command without specifications of areas
 The command extends the whole area up to the indicated external perimeter.
* Extension command with specification of areas
 The command extends a specified area up to the indicated external perimeter.


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