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G-Quality (Programming System for Automatic Measurement by 3D measuring instruments)

G-Quality offline teaching system enables users to program automatic measurements through the use of 3D measuring instruments.
G-Quality has been integrated with the robust CAD capabilities of CADmeister. Thus, users can program through an efficient use of 3D CAD data.


Offline Teaching

G-Quality needs no (actual) subjects for measurement when measuring programs are coded. Thus, it can reduce the lead time from prototyping to measuring.

Offline Teaching

Easy and Simple Operations

The G-Quality procedure for programming is intuitive and matches a sense of measuring through the use of a measurement device. The easy-to-operate system enables authentic-looking reproductions of measurement environments. Smooth programming is promised on the highly viewable screen of G-Quality which is capable of various display modes.

Easy and Simple Operations

Interference Check by Simulations


Various Measurement Programming Formats

Measurement programs can be output in the form of Geopak2700, XYANA2000, or DMIS (MCOSMOS, Calypso).

* Note that DMIS requires an optional software provided by manufacturers.

Other Effects and Merits

  • Improvement of capital investment and operation rate of actual measuring devices
  • Reduction of workload and troubles pertaining to measurement
  • Rationalization of programming training


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