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JIG-PKG (Support System for Designing Inspection Jigs)

JIG-PKG optimizes the design and manufacturing of inspection jigs.
It provides enhanced functions dedicated to inspection jigs by utilizing the strong modeling functions of CADmeister.


Extension of surface through the use of a grid (referred to as the 'Gauge' method)

Surfaces can be extended collectively through the use of the 'Gauge' method. The method consists of extending a surface and spreading it over a grid which is shaped in a specific direction. The extended surfaces are referred to as 'Gauge Surfaces'.

Real-time relocations of cross sections


Convenient Modelling Functions

The workload of designing inspection jigs and creating 'Gauge Surfaces' can be significantly reduced by the functions of creating 'blended surface extensions' and filling in holes.


Supporting Functions for Form Creation

Support for Checking Drawings (Output of Inspection Sheet)

A special form of inspection sheets (spreadsheets) can be output.


Support for Holing (Process Sheet for Holing)

Process Sheets needed for holing in the actual manufacturing field can be output in the form of spreadsheets that describe processing instructions.



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