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 PRESS (Support for designing press dies)

The module supports designing press dies. It consists of three key function items: design support, modeling support, and post-process support.
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 CAE-PRESS (Support for stress analysis)

This module is for a stress analysis which enables seamless operations between CAD and CAE for designers. Designers can perform stress analyses through simple input CAD operation without being concerned with CAE.
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 PRESS-SIM (Support for creating Blank Deployment Lines and Flange Deployment Lines)

This is a simple simulation capability for shaping a press die. This enables a quick understanding of 'Blank Deployment Lines' and 'Flange Deployment Lines (Trim Deployment Lines)' that will help quotations at the initial stage of designing.
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 DL (Die layout design support)

DL enables three-dimensional supports. It is used for the design stage for improving quality of DL design
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 PRESS-FORM-EX (Support for modeling and forming)

This enables quick and precise modeling in order to help users shorten the delivery time.
It can form and model by taking into consideration the characteristics of press die forming, empty-weight deflection (that is needed for confirming interference against die parts when transferring panels), material characteristics, and STL figures.
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 PRESS-FORM-PLUS-II (Reverse engineering support)

PRESS-FORM-PLUS-II enables direct references to the results of simulation analyses of sheet metal forming (in the form of NASTRAN format file) in order to improve the preciseness of forming at the initial stage.
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 DRAW-DIE-EX (Navigation tool for the Draw method of die designing)

DRAW-DIE-EX can shorten a designing phase through the use of Dynamic Navigator, navigation tool, regardless of the skills of individual users.
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 PRESS-MOTION (Tool for analyzing the transfer statuses of production process)

PRESS-MOTION enables designers to analyze transfer lines through simple operations.
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 CADmeister-LITE (Tool for Confirming the CAD Attribute Data)

This is a tool for confirming the attribute data that have been assigned to 3D CAD data (such as the information of materials and unit prices).
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