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Function(PRESS DIE)

DRAW-DIE-EX (Navigation tool for the Draw method of die designing)

DRAW-DIE-EX can shorten a designing phase through the use of Dynamic Navigator, navigation tool, regardless of the skills of individual users.
DRAW-DIE-EX enables users to edit Draw Die data through the use of Dynamic Navigator's contents. It can shorten a design phase regardless of the skills o
Actual record : A cowl top design phase supported by our DRAW-DIE-EX finished in 8 hours. (Note that the geometrical processing time is excluded.)

  • Single-Action Draw type
  • Supporting a die design which is structured to include a special part (‘Insert’)



Key Commands

DRAW-DIE-EX enables designers to transform original surfaces through the use of preliminarily calculated data based on forming simulation and panel measurement. This transformation can be performed through simple input operations.

Design Start through the use of DRAW-DIE-EX
Indication of specifications such as Shut Height and reference height
Indication of replacing with the newly designed panel 
Indication of replacing the specifications for the newly designed panel
Editing Sketch Figures
Material cost

Up to max 80% less workload compared with
a start-form-scratch design

Stabilized level of design regardless of the skills of users

Summary of the Features



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