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Loading the polygon editing algorithm that was developed through Integrated Collaborative Research in RIKEN enables you to easily perform high-quality and high-performance data editing, and helps operators reduce their workload.

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POLYGONALmeister Ver.3 English is scheduled to be released in October 2018.

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 Allows you to specify precision (maximum gap) such as 1/100 or 1/1000 when

 POLYGONALmeister can retain an arc even after simplifying.

All you need to do is surround unnecessary shape and click on EXECUTE button.

 Turns photographs into relief shapes to create data for 3D print.
  Embed relief

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Capitalizes on POLYGONALmeister in correction of invalid STL.
   “We had problem that we couldn’t open STL data, which was received from our
  client, with our company’s product CAD or CAM, so we used POLYGONALmeister
  to reduce the amount of data and clean it and, consequently, we could open it.”
  (from our customer)
   “It used to take 5 hours to repair STL for analysis, now it only takes 30 minutes by
  using POLYGONALmeister.”(from our customer)

Providing Library
 We provide polygon editing features required in the library so that your company’s
 product will be embedded.


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