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 JIG-PKG (Support System for Designing Inspection Jigs)

JIG-PKG optimizes the design and manufacturing of inspection jigs.
It provides enhanced functions dedicated to inspection jigs by utilizing the strong modeling functions of CADmeister.
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 3D LASER (3D Laser Machining System)

This offline teaching system enables users to create NC (numerically controlled) programs and jigs for simultaneous 5-axis laser machining using the minimum workload through the use of 3D CAD data.
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 G-Quality (Programming System for Automatic Measurement by 3D measuring instruments)

This CAD offline teaching system enables users to code programs for automatic measurement through the use of 3D measuring instruments.
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 Data File Management Function

The management of all data pertaining to design and manufacturing can be integrated.
The subject data include the data of CADmeister, various types of document files, and other CAD/CAM system data files.
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