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Function(PRESS DIE)

PRESS-SIM (Support for creating Blank Deployment Lines and Flange Deployment Lines)

PRESS-SIM is a simple simulation tool that helps shaping a press die. This enables a quick understanding of 'Blank Deployment Lines' and 'Flange Development Lines (Trim Development Lines)' that will help quotations at the initial stage of design.

Also, the capabilities of decreasing thickness ratio and analyzing cracks and wrinkles enable quick detections of poor shapes.


Command about Blank Deployment Lines

This command enables a quick creation of lines/curves that express the outlines of a modelled shape on a plane surface

  • Blank Deployment
    Blank Deployment
  • Thickness decreasing ratio
    Thickness decreasing ratio
  • Analyses of cracks and wrinkles
    Analyses of cracks and wrinkles

Command for Flange Deployment Lines

This command enables a quick creation of flange curves/lines for dies in accordance with a shape of product.

  • Flange Deployment Lines (Deployment lines for trimming)
    Flange expansion (Trim expansion)


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